Nuno Castanheira


Prof. Nuno Castanheira – Head of Internal Audit, Professor and Speaker Portuguese Mutual Guarantee System (SPGM), Institute of Accounting and Administration, Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Portugal.

Qualified Head of Internal Audit with over 15 years of experience in the field of financial services internal audit (retail banking and mutual guarantee institutions). His professional and teaching experience together with strong educational credentials has enabled to develop a broad range of relevant non-technical attributes (soft skills) in addition to deep technical expertise (hard skills).

In his current role, he leads the internal audit group of the Portuguese Mutual Guarantee System, where he was highly involved in the setting up of the internal audit function and developed a quality assurance methodology to lead the function with a strong focus on people development, which he is passionate about. Prior to joining SPGM, he developed an extensive hands-on experience in conducting internal audits across all retail banking processes and products at one of the largest banks in Portugal. Previously, he worked at Deloitte. While working full time, he attained a master´s degree with distinction and was invited to become Professor of the master´s degree of business and public audit at Coimbra Business School.

His goal is to promote the value of internal audit through his professional experience, as a Professor and as a Speaker and thus contribute to the goal of accepting internal auditors as one of management’s strategic partners. Excellent communicator and presenter, able to drive positive change, with experience of writing articles, speaking at International conferences and developing training courses.

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