Tetiana Lebedynets

Lebedynets1Ms. Tetiana Lebedynets – President of IIA Ukraine, Head of Bank Inspection Department, National bank of Ukraine.

Ms. Lebedynets  is an experienced professional in the management and auditing with a proven track record. Tetiana has management experience with a good understanding of business, including technical, human and material issues with more than 18 years of management experience in accounting and finance. Tetiana also has extensive experience in conducting lectures, seminars, trainings, including for public sector employees (15 years); curriculum development for training internal auditors, experts in finance, etc. (15 years); experience of methodological work to develop an information system for the purpose of internal audit (5 years); experience with quality control (Quality Assurance Review).

Ms. Tetiana worked as chief operating officer (COO), Board Member, Deputy Executive Director and Head of Internal Audit Pravex (Intesa Sanpaolo Group). Before that, Tatiana 7 years headed the Internal audit of Raiffeisen Bank Aval (Raiffeisen International Group) for 5 years and headed the Department of International Auditing in Bank Austria Creditanstalt Ukraine.

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