International Conference 2016

June 1-3, 2016, Kyiv

"Corporate Governance and Internal control"

International conference is a platform for exchange of experiences and ideas from leading practitioners and experts of the banking, insurance companies and other financial market participants, as public as private sector in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Georgia, Armenia, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.
It will also allow conference participants to acquire new contacts and potential partners. The successful holding of the Conference, shall ensure the implementation of best international practices of corporate governance and internal control, improve the level of informativenes of market participants, strengthen relationships between the regulator and the business; above mentioned will increase the investment attractiveness of Ukraine and accelerate its integration into the global community, including harmonization with EU in turn.

This year, both The IIA and IIA Ukraine will celebrate significant anniversaries and plan to recognize the contributions made to the continued advancement of the internal audit profession. There you can find the Letter of Representation by Global IIA to support our Conference - download Letter of Representation.

Discussion topics

for enhancement of experience sharing

  1. Implementation of the best practices of corporate governance.
  2. Actual questions regarding risk management and internal control as components of effective corporate governance.
  3. Benefits of using instruments of Compliance at implementation of effective corporate governance.
  4. Internal audit as third line of defense of internal control.
  5. External audit and its further perspectives of cooperation with the regulator and the market.
  6. Added value from automation of processes of the organization, including for effective corporate governance of the organization.
  7. Management of IT and IS as modern component of success.
  8. Effective information security system’s implementation realities.
  9. World experience of implementation of electronic money.
  10. Perspectives of electronic money development in Ukraine and managing related risks.

In the course of the abovementioned topics the following questions are planned to be discussed:

  1. Practice of regulator’s and institutions’ interaction regarding the abovementioned topics.
  2. Automation of management and control processes.
  3. Electronic money, current state and perspectives of development.


Who can be interested to attend the Conference

All managers of organizations, interested in and engaged in implementation and support of effective corporate governance. It covers managing companies, industrial unions, banks, insurance and investment companies, government organizations etc. 

Relevant position: CEO, CFO, CAE, CIO, CSO, chief risk managers, consultants.


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